With pickax and scoop to Greece with The Trail Brothers!

from 11 Mar 2017 to 18 Mar 2017

Ernesto had 31 years ago the dream to create a paradise for cyclist “out of the nothing”. He has established with this energy MASSA VECCHIA, which is maybe one of most beautiful locations for mountainbikers and roadbikers world wide. Ernesto has an internal power that keeps the wheel rolling and rolling, says Thomas Frischknecht, the icon of mountainbiking.

Two years ago, punctually to the thirtiest anniversary of Massa Vecchia, a bunch of people of a new generation around Massa, lovers of biking, assembled. They established the association called TRAIL BROTHERS to unite energies constructing trails and building the future of Massa Marittima.

Ernesto was invited by INSELHÜPFEN to a journey to Greece to see a new biking destination. He saw many people living in a country with a very difficult past. But he also saw the marvellous countryside. These impressions brought Ernesto the same inspiration as when he had the vision of Massa Vecchia: he was convinced of the power that men can evolve to create “something big”. Something that brings a benefit to many people, if they join forces.

The Trailbrothers will go for this mission in March 2017 with a crew of 16 people to the Aegean. Together with Inselhüpfen, people from Greece, Germany, Austria, Italy and Turkey they will breaking ground for a NEW PROJECT in the region of the Dodekanes Islands. They will cut and clean exisiting tracks and create new connection tracks. These trails are perfectly suitable for the growing mountainbike industry in all Europe. When they finished their work, the tracks will be handed over to the habitants of the island and the tourist to enjoy to wonderful destination.

The OBJECTIVES are an extended tourist season, a maintained network of trails, the benefit for the entire touristic infrastructure on the islands, to raise awareness of the local youth in sports and environment and the generation of long term jobs. Ernesto has realised these objectives with Massa Vecchia in Massa Marittima. Going to Greece with united forces is like going to a second round: joining together with Inselhüpfen, local people and commercial partners that recognise these values.


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