E-Enduro Massa Marittima: the first “electric” circuit in the world!

from 03 Jun 2017 to 04 Jun 2017

Thanks to Enduro a new era has been introduced for mountain bike races. Next year we will even have an evolutionary step in theses competitions. Franco Monchiero, one of the main promotors of Enduro on national and international level, has decided to launch a new circuit with e-Enduro. A new way to interpret a competition.


Yet there is no exact formula for e-mountainbike races, but Franco Monchiero has already something in mind…

E-mountainbikes open new horizons and new options for bikers and they are obviously conquering the mountain bike community. There is the electric motor that assists pedaling, however the tracks for e-Enduro races are tough. Riders must be technically fit and must know how to calculate the potential of the bike. Arriving at the top of the hill or at the end of a stage will remain always a the challenge for the rider.

There will be no extrem parts. The aim is to get as much entertainment as possible for all the passionate e-riders on many new trails. And to come to the end of the race with the desire to continue. Tiered legs but no exhausted legs… Is that not exactly the way how to get home after an e-bike race?

Massa Marittima

Last year Superenduro was relaunched and this year we decided to take part in this innovative circuit. Its now more than 7 years ago when we began to believe in e-mountainbikes – and we were amongst the first at all. We are happy of having been contacted to take part in this interesting and revolutionary event.

E-enduro will be the first circuit on earth for e-mountainbikes that is under the regulations of a federation. In this case it is logically the Italian federation. Once again (after the Superenduro of last year) they prove to be very open for innovations in this sector. And with the realization of this race they are obviously step in front of the other European colleagues.

We will soon see the race track. However, if you want to register in the meantime for the second event, click on the link below:

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