E-TOUR EXPERIENCE: Tuscany Triple & The Ride to Rome!

from 23 Jun 2018 to 30 Jun 2018

Nestling in Southern Tuscany’s stunning Maremma, bike resort Massa Vecchia has been pioneering cycling adventures for more than three decades. Founder Ernesto Hutmacher was one of Europe’s key players in pushing trail biking and building – and one of the first to push eMountainbiking. Now the Masa Vecchia team has collaborated with Shimano, Scott and Evoc to develop truly unique eMTB experiences leading from the resort in day- and multiday-trips to major cities of culture in Tuscany – and to Rome.

The new Massa Vecchia eMTB tours dive deep into the cultural heritage of Tuscany: the challenging routes (featuring beautiful singletrack rides) lead through the wilderness to ancient cities – a combination of nature, culture and sports in such an intense and short time which you will only get on an eMTB.

In case you are interested in those special eMTB experiences please do get in contact with the Massa Vecchia crew. From June 23rd to 30th 2018 you will have the unique chance to do all three trips in one week.

TOUR 1 – Day Trip (24 June)

Massa Vecchia – Siena: 125km, 1000m uphill

This day tour takes you from the Massa Vecchia at the foot of the beautiful medieval city of Massa Marittima to the historic center of Siena, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 60km (ca. 60% trails & natural paths) lead through secluded parts, thick woods and open meadows, crossing antique stone bridges and passing historic sites. Stretched across three hills, Siena is one of the best preserved medieval cities with small red-brick lanes running from the central Piazza del Campo. While we are feasting over lunch we will also exchange our SHIMANO batteries to then start back all fueled up. To save time – and to shower and relax a bit before dinner – we will use more asphalt roads on the way back to Massa Vecchia.

Massa Vecchia



TOUR 2 – Two-Day Trip (25-26 June)

Massa Vecchia – Montaione: 2x 100km, 1500m uphill

On the first day we will already have made 80km through the rolling hillsides (ca. 70% trails & natural paths) before reaching one of the most breathtaking places in Tuscany: San Gimignano. The sensationally beautiful historic center is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is often called ‘Tuscan Manhattan’ due to its medieval ‘skyline’. After soaking up the culture we continue another sporty 40km through an amazing scenery to our overnight spot (and secret gem) Montaione. The culture-meets-nature ride continues on the return day via Volterra, an ancient, pebbled-stoned hilltown towering majestically above a spectacular sea of rock. It is famous for its alabaster – yet not overrun by tourists. Our 65km ride back home to Massa Vecchia is stony, yet incredibly beautiful.

Massa Vecchia



TOUR 3 – Three-Day Trip (27-30 June)

Massa Vecchia – Rome: 319km, 5000m uphill

Many roads lead to Rome – yet hardly any are as exhilarating and varied as our route. Remains of the Etruscans, the ancient Romans, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance are a constant on our ride to Rome. The three-day tour to the Eternal City runs primarily on gravel, on relics of the Via Clodia built in the 2nd century BC and on singletrack passages – from smooth to challenging.

Day 1 (27 June) : 103km, 1800m uphill– Saturnia

Leaving behind the green Macchia woodlands around Massa Marittima we have many highlights to come on this first day to the Eternal City. It takes us through hollow roads carved up to 12 meters deep into the tuff rocks by the Etruscans – a very special trail experience indeed. After 103km we arrive in Saturnia in the Albegna Valley world-famous for its ancient (yet modern) thermal spas. We will rest and recover our muscles and bones in the hot pools: the spring water is enriched with a high concentration of mineral salts and surfaces at a temperature of 37°C at a flow of 500 liters per second.

Day 2 (28 June) : 120km, 2000m uphill – Blera

Over the steady up and down on day 2 we gather quite a few meters of climbing. The Latium region opens its wide magical beauty before our eyes with wild horses grazing on the lonely meadows. The ride is no singletrack orgy, but there are trails and short passages where we have to push the bike. Sweaty as happy we will arrive in yet another ancient Etruscan city: Blera. The place itself is a reward, but we will make sure to fuel up on delicious dishes, too.

Day 3 (29 June) : 96km, 1200m uphill – Rome

Almost gentle and endearing we could call the landscape on the final day of our ride to Rome. 35km before entering it we can already spot the Eternal City on the horizon. We continue on small roads, pedal on the dam of the river Tiber into Italy’s capital and finish right in its heart, at the oval amphitheater: the Colosseum! Our Roman guide will proudly show us through his hometown from the highlights to the hidden gems.

On day 4 (30 June) vwe take the train back to Massa Vecchia. On the ride to Rome we have no service car or luggage transfer – we therefore carry an extra battery along the trip.

Massa Vecchia


In case you are interested in those special eMTB experiences please do get in contact with the Massa Vecchia crew.

From June 23rd to 30th 2018 you will have the unique chance to do all three trips in one week.

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