Trail Building Weeks 2019

from 17 Feb 2019 to 09 Mar 2019

a month of trail building

After the successful issues of the last 2 years, there will be the Trailbuilding week again this year.
3 in number with different content and goals.
The proven format of these popular weeks will not change.

Here is a short description

Our Bike Hotel offers free accommodation and meals to help with the building and maintenance of trails.

Every year during the winter season the Trail Brothers, the responsible crew for the Massa Marittima Trail area, take care of the building of new trails and the maintenance of existing trails
During such a trail-building week you will have the opportunity to get an insight into the work of the Trail Brothers, to learn the basic techniques of trailbuilding and to contribute to the development of the Massa Marittima trail network.
Above all, however, the fun and the experience of building a “line” to participate, test them and at the end of the week, of course, to ride.

WEEK 1 | 17th to 23rd of February

“Building and Maintenance of a Trail”

  • Discover the basic techniques and meaning of the right design elements in building and maintaining a single track.
  • Preparation, testing and riding, of the track processed during the week!

WEEK 2 | 23rd of February to 2nd of March

“The conquest of the castle of Pia of Tolomei”

Trailbuilding week for women …. on the trail of history!

Pia of Tolomei was actually a historical figure. She lived directly in Maremma and was also mentioned in the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, and she has always been a symbol of freedom and emancipation of all women.

Please read:

The purpose of this week is to give voice to this story by making a path in the form of a trail that leads directly to the castle where Dante also lived and wrote his Divine Comedy. The castle is today a ruin and was neglected for several years.

“The merger of strong women during the conquest of” Pia Castle “to achieve emancipation and freedom”

WEEK 3 | 2nd to 9th of March

“The Nino Trail!”

  • This week, the trail, the Olympic champion Nino Schurter has started together with his family to be completed
  • The new “line” from Monte Arsenti was started by Nino together with his father Ernst and his brother Mario. Ernst and Mario will be present as permanent members of the Trail Brothers crew during the project!
  • Everything will be documented in a video!

There are also other small projects for building and maintenance planned in the area of ​​Monte Arsenti.
Of course, here at the end of the week test and ride the edited trails on the program

Places limited! Do not waste time with the booking!

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