Trail Building Weeks 2020

from 15 Feb 2020 to 07 Mar 2020



The Trail Building Weeks are back !!

Let’s start the new season with our beloved event completely dedicated to the maintenance and the building of new trails.

This year we are going to organize two weeks: the first will be from February 15th to the 22nd, while the second from February 29th to March 7th!

Both will deal with the concept of “take care of the trail”.

There will be then not just building, but also the maintenance of the trails will be followed with particular attention. This is a key thing for the good development of a trail area and for better understanding the “life” of a single track.

The format will be always the same. How is it? We just repeat it briefly here below:

our Bike Hotel offers food and accomodotation in exchange of help in the construction and maintenance of the trails.

Every year the Trail Brothers, crew responsible for the ​Massa Marittima Trail Area, fix, do the maintinence and take care for the development of new lines.

A trail building week is therefore an opportunity to join these guys and contribute to the growth of the Massa Marittima trail network, learning the fundamental techniques used in trail building, and then test straight away what the group produce at the end of the week.

How can you participate?

Everyone can take part of the event, you don’t have to be an expert trail builder.

However, the event is having limited spots, so send an email to our main address,, or use the form below, motivating the willingness to participate at the event.

A selection will then be made, and participants will be notified by email.

Warning: those who have already participated in the event must give priority to those who have never took part of a Trail Building week.



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Massa Vecchia

Massa Vecchia

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