MTB Tours

Our facility offers the opportunity to take part in guided mountain bike tours, whatever your level of experience in this sport is!
Our guides are in fact experts in, knowing the area by heart. We able tours depending on the needs of the customer, being able to lead you on paths and roads suitable for your level of riding.
Before departure groups will be split depending on the experience of riding. During the week, you will always have the option to change the group.

Road Tours

Our area, in addition of being full of trails scattered in nature, is, likewise, perfect for the road bike. The countless streets that wind through the hills have the right qualities to be captured with this type of bike; Wonderful sceneries and the whole diversity of the Tuscany area can be seen on these tours, these roads also have the advantage of being  not trafficked by motor vehicles. With its different elevations the routes are perfect for workouts, as evidenced by the countless teams of professionals who are coached in this area. Surely for each road racer of great fun!

Find below several tours to suit all tastes, with different gradients and mileage, all departing from our hotel, and winding around the whole area

Electro Tours

Harnessing the potential of these bikes, we can arrange tour very interesting; it is possible to travel several miles even if your physical condition is not great, allowing them to visit a very wide air, enjoying at the same time, nature and landscapes.

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