The pump track is one of the flagships of Massa Vecchia! It is a track that you can follow without pedaling. Infact, the term “pump” derives from “pumping” the bicycle. Basically you ride the different bumps and parabolic curves of the track with the right movements of your body to acquire the right speed so that you can catch the whole track. This is one of the most effective methods of technical training with a mountain bike. Riding on this type of track improves the position on the bike, resistance, the knowledge of the best path and also the ability to move and train the muscles of your body.

The pump track is made up of 3 main areas:

  1. Ring for beginners -> very simple to begin to become familiar with the correct method riding and great for young children too;
  2. Main Pump – track -> the real track, full of different lines, with countless combinations of different paths;
  3. Dirt jump line -> series of jumps, suitable for people with a certain level of experience.
The pump track was built in 2011 by Claudio Caluori, current coach of the team Scott11 (Official Scott team that plays in the championship of the UCI downhill), and Pete Stutz, who formed the company Velosolution, skilled builders of this type of track.

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