We offer GPS equipment to rent for a small fee in order to venture to discover our paths without the help of a guide. Each device is programmed with all the tours we ride during the week. For those who are already in possession of an own GPS system and want to find one of our trails or tours just come and visit us at the reception and download the tracks you need from our computer.


We are also proud to be the only bike hotel in Italy to have the system Delorme InReach. This super innovative product will also be available for rental.

InReach is based on a satellite communication (Iridium connection) and can receive and send text messages, trigger an SOS for help and plot GPS coordinates wherever someone is. In a nutshell it is the product tailor made for adventurers who, at the same time, want to stay safe.

The unit is connected to a program installed on our computer, which allows us to monitor position of the person who is in possession of the device in real time. It allows the communicating with an alarm system and also with our stuff at Massa Vecchia in any kind of problems.

InReach Delorme allows you to stay connected to the web even if you are in a place without phone signal. Staying connected with your smartphone via an application, ironically, you might post a photo on a social network even if you find yourself on the top of the Himalayas!

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